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Meet the Team

Dino Cavalluzzo

Media Coordinator & Ambassador
Creatively yours with or without the camera. Dino produces and directs short videos to promote the Peter and Paul’s brand across our digital space.
He manages videographers and photographers at events to ensure the most attractive and usable content is captured for future promotion and press.
Dino is one of our on scene social reporters, assisting our team in capturing all the best moments of our guests and clients.

He is one also one of our corporate and strategic relations ambassadors who attends various industry events as well as internal byPeternandPauls.com events, generating sales for both our corporate and social teams.

Mr Cavalluzzo is a former Anchor & Sports Coordinator for OMNI News: Italian Edition. Joining Omni Television in 1988, Dino has interviewed countless internationally-renowned sports figures such as Diego Maradona, Dino Zoff, Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and many others.

Joey MacDonald

Creative Director, Graphic Artist
Joey has always had a passion for the arts. A keen eye and a creative imagination have helped him on his journey through a variety of art related fields. Every project undertaken is approached intelligently, communicated creatively and crafted with care.

With a Fine Arts Degree and a Diploma in Animation/Game development, Joey has had the privilege of doing creative work and gaining experience from multiple corporations around the world. He prides himself on providing the best service and crafting communication materials that bring together rich ideas and intelligent design.

“The idea of being a damn good designer is what wakes me up in the morning.”

Technical Skills: Digital/Print Graphic Design, Photo Editing & Manipulation, 3D Design (modelling, texturing, renders, layout), Project Management.

Kevin Tran

Kevin has a solid background experience when it comes to the web frontend development and backend programming. His extensive knowledge of DNS, Email and Web server makes him succeed any challenges in his role. He is always continually evaluating and upgrading his skills so that he can stay at the cutting edge of Web Mastering and IT support.

Technical Skills: PHP, MySQL, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, RESTful API, WordPress Development, E-commerce, DNS, Email and IIS Web Server.

Karla Simone

Digital Marketing Professional, Content Curator & Creator, Media Manager
Karla believes digital marketing and social media is one of the most powerful tools to assist in garnering the attention of today, and tomorrow’s, society. Although we may seem disconnected to one another, we are, in actuality able to connect faster and more easily than ever before – it just depends on how we choose to communicate.

Having studied Communication and Digital Media Studies, Karla has assisted entrepreneurs, small businesses, and public sector organization in achieving their communicative goals. She remains intellectually curious in constantly expanding her skill set and deepening her knowledge of technology. Through embracing the digital consumer, Karla aims to improve the digital landscape and experience.

Specialties: Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Media, Strategic & Innovative Projects, Copywrite, Content curation.

Ray Xue

Video Content Producer
Ray is a highly talented and creative videographer. With more than 7 years experience in Cinematography, film edition and music videos. He has a keen eye for finding the best shots and a strong ability to edit footage to meet client’s expectations while also leading the evolution of video design. Ray has worked with Yahoo Canada producing content for a weekly web series, and also as an editor for the NBA documentary file Courtside.

Technical Skills: Experienced in Adobe Creative Suite (CC) Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Media Encoder, Audition, Soundbooth, Final Cut 7, Sony Vegas, Compressor, and all Microsoft Office products

Skilled with all DSLR cameras, Canon C300, Sony FS700, all Red Cameras, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Gopros, audio equipment and shooting footage safely.

Logan Zatsman

Graphic Design Intern
Logan is quick to learn cutting-edge design trends and is skilled in Adobe Creative Cloud. Her past experiences with the Claude Watson Visual Arts Program have afforded her a well-rounded skill set with a variety of visual art forms including graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, and conceptual art. Logan also has HTML/CSS proficiency. Her media and design focus at Western University has allowed her to have multi-tasking and analytical communication abilities across various social media platforms. She excels at contributing creative ideas, designing high-quality graphics, and learning new web technologies and techniques.

Specialties: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design

Salena Nazarali

Graphic Design Intern
Salena is an intern at Engine 8 Media and assists with daily graphic design and social media tasks. This includes creating graphics for social media, editing photos, creating invitation cards and company merchandise, as well as, designing pages for our 35 Year Magazine. She is skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Abode Illustrator. She loves creating elegant, clean and minimalistic designs.

Salena is currently pursuing her BA in Media, Information & Technoculture and a certificate in Digital Communications at Western University. Her future goals include working in the marketing and advertising field.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation”