We are creators, designers, problem solvers and creative thinkers. We are a dedicated team made up of equal parts passion, integrity and fun. We pursue the art of excellence with everything we do And we look forward to creating something most excellent for you.



Creatively yours with or without the camera. Dino produces and directs short videos to promote the Peter and Paul’s brand across our digital space.

He manages videographers and photographers at events to ensure the most attractive and usable content is captured for future promotion and press.

Dino is one of our on scene social reporters, assisting our team in capturing all the best moments of our guests and clients.

He is one also one of our corporate and strategic relations ambassadors who attends various industry events as well as internal byPeternandPauls.com events, generating sales for both our corporate and social teams.

Mr Cavalluzzo is a former Anchor & Sports Coordinator for OMNI News: Italian Edition. Joining Omni Television in 1988, Dino has interviewed countless internationally-renowned sports figures such as Diego Maradona, Dino Zoff, Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher and many others.


E: dinoc@bypnp.com
T: 647-294-3280



Joey has always had a passion for the arts. A keen eye and a creative imagination have helped him on his journey through a variety of art related fields. Every project undertaken is approached intelligently, communicated creatively and crafted with care.

With a Fine Arts Degree and a Diploma in Animation/Game development, Joey has had the privilege of doing creative work and gaining experience from multiple corporations around the world. He prides himself on providing the best service and crafting communication materials that bring together rich ideas and intelligent design.

“The idea of being a damn good designer is what wakes me up in the morning.”

Technical Skills: Digital/Print Graphic Design, Photo Editing & Manipulation, 3D Design (modelling, texturing, renders, layout), Project Management.


E: joey@engine8media.com
T: 905-326-2000 Ext 2210



In the early years of 2K, passion and curiosity of "How things work..." and "What the web can be..." led Kevin on his venture to explore, understand and developed the foundation of his World Wide Web background.

With extensive knowledge to this date, Kevin is always continually evaluating and upgrading his skills so that he can stay at the cutting edge.

Kevin believes in the ancient proverb “Find the job you love doing, you will then never have to work another day in your life.”

Ask him "What do you like about your job?", and he'll say "The best part of my job is being able to see the things I created work for others."..

Technical Skills: Everything web related in Designing, Programming and Development, E-Commerce, DNS, Email and Web Server


E: kevin@engine8media.com
T: 905-326-2000 Ext 2211



Cassandra is a Guelph Humber alumni with a degree in Applied Arts in Media Studies. She works hard to make sure everything she creates is aesthetically pleasing. As a driving force in Engine 8, she provides beautiful graphics to all of the byPeterandPauls.com event promotions.

In her spare time outside of the office, Cassandra spends her days with her beloved first born; Tiger, the cutest Morkie on the planet!

Technical Skills: Digital and Print Graphic Design, Video Editing and Motion Graphics, Photography, Animal Care.

"I'm 4”11, but you can still look up to me"


E: cassandra@engine8media.com
T: 905-326-2000 Ext 2294



After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies, Carla quickly came to the realization that the life of a paralegal is not as glamorous as it is portrayed in Suits. She was determined to find her niche and applied for the prestigious Postgraduate Public Relations Certificate program at Humber College. Among 1000+ applicants, Carla was one of 80 selected and soon, her journey into the exciting world of Marketing and Communications began.

Carla has experience leading a promotions team, being a brand ambassador, freelance social media manager, an account associate and now works as the Marketing and Special Event Coordinator at byPeterandPauls.com.

Carla finds excitement in chaos and cannot stand the sound of silence. Fast pace environments are where she thrives. She might be small but she sure is mighty!

Technical skills: strong oral and written skills, dynamic storyteller, creative, social media savvy, ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment, strategic thinker.


E: carla@bypnp.com
T: 905-326-2000 Ext 2205